The success of any construction project is built on the foundation of accurate surveying and mapping. MSP is able to respond to your needs with well-trained, well-prepared, and well-managed field crews.

We have one of the most experienced surveying departments in the Cincinnati region, which includes six licensed professional surveyors and six full-time field crews. Our support staff is capable of providing CADD drafting, boundary resolution, and consultation services. As a result, our department is able to handle numerous projects simultaneously, or, if needed, to send multiple crews to a large project.

Due to more than 160 years of history in the Cincinnati area, we have in-house records from historical archives dating back to 1856. And while historical records can be key to a successful project, MSP does not rely strictly on the past. We also use advanced technologies, including GPS, designed to help the job meet professional standards of care.

Our areas of service include:
Boundary surveys
Topographic surveys
ALTA/NSPS land title surveys
Right-of-way plan development
Construction layout
GPS services
Utility inventory
Corridor surveys
Monitoring surveys
FEMA elevation certificates
Building permit/site plan

Rick Nichols


Vice President, Surveying


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