The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center

Duke Construction

Design Challenge: Working with multiple stakeholders was a major challenge in completing the Christ Hospital Outpatient Center.  The parties included the City of Montgomery, Traditions, the land owner, Duke Energy, residents of the Vintage Club, Christ Hospital and Brandi-Corp. In addition, there were several topography challenges, including a creek with a 20-foot drop. , to solve this challenge MSP had to design a retaining wall for around the creek.

Design Outcome: As the project scope changed from an initial 60,000 SF MOB to an 80,000 SF MOB, parking garage and 20,000 SF of retail to a final 3-story 114,000 SF MOB with a 322 car parking garage, MSP was able to continually modify the project design to adjust the building design and aid the design-builder in satisfying four separate stakeholders with design input and approval. MSP continually worked with the City to adjust the PUD with each change.