Vintage Club Master Plan

Design Challenge: To fill a need for a high end, mixed-use development in the city of Montgomery, a private developer identified a unique site but needed a plan that respected the vision and character of the city.

Design Solution:MSP held multiple design charrettes with the design team and developer to multiple create design solutions that satisfied a diverse group of stakeholders. A key focus was the development of public gathering spaces with a strong emphasis on pedestrian connectivity that would encourage the development of mixed uses and promote walkability. This included single-family homes and multifamily units with mixed commercial uses of office and retail blended with green spaces to create a walkable village setting.

Design Outcome: As a result of the master plan, several projects are complete with additional projects currently under construction. Our involvement has included the design of the following:

  • Design services for all plazas, greenspaces and parks
  • Design services for a 3-story medical office building with a 370-car parking garage
  • Streetscape design for multiple streets within the development
  • Designs services for GE Credit Union
  • Designs services Restaurants and retail