TPC River’s Bend Golf Course

Arcis Golf

Challenge: TPC River’s Bend is a renowned 18-hole PGA-style golf course situated on over 200 acres, featuring a 32,000 sq ft clubhouse and a 12-acre practice facility. Recognized as one of Ohio’s “Best Courses in State” by Golf Digest, the facility was sought after by Arcis Golf for purchase. To meet the closing deadline for their purchase, Arcis needed an ALTA survey conducted in an expedited manner. Given their successful past experience with MSP on a similar project for Four Bridges Country Club, Arcis again chose MSP to conduct the survey.

Solution: The Reality Capture team worked in collaboration with the course and PGA administration to obtain the required permits to use drones on their properties. With the assistance of RTK technology, the team utilized a Phantom 4 drone to complete the full site survey in less than two days.

Outcome: Through the use of Reality Capture technology, MSP was able to significantly reduce the number of man-hours required for the survey. In addition to capturing the necessary features, the team also provided a high-quality aerial image that was scalable and in real-world coordinates. This helped MSP deliver the necessary documents to the client in a timely manner, facilitating the successful and on-time closing of this amazing facility.