The Ridge Ohio Addition

Healthcare Venture Partners, LLC

Design Challenge: Our challenge was to design a 7,500 SF expansion that matched the architectural style of the existing 10,000 SF building for the Ridge Ohio a high-end residential addiction treatment facility. The location itself was a challenge; the facility was previously a family estate built on a 200-foot hill. Utilities were failing and could not meet the needs of the treatment center or any future expansion efforts.

Design Solution: To create a cohesive look, MSP used design elements from the existing facility for the Ridge addition. We tackled the utility issues by working with Clermont County Community Improvement Center. An arduous nine-month long process was necessary to upgrade and reconfigure water, fire, sanitary and electric utilities.

Design Outcome: The new Ridge Ohio addition integrates perfectly with the original Southern-style main building. It provides addiction treatment for an additional 11 patients including five dedicated beds for detox treatment. The major utility upgrade allows The Ridge Ohio to more efficiently operate its current facilities and gives them the ability to expand the campus and eventually construct an improved roadway to the location.

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