Encore of Oakley/Oakley Connection

Morelia Group

Design Challenge: Our challenge with Encore of Oakley/Oakley Connection was handling the logistics of designing a dense, mixed-use development on a small three-acre site with frontage on three streets. Seven buildings would need to fit on the site while maintaining an intimate atmosphere and architectural character. It also needed to meet with the Oakley Community Council’s approval.

Design Solution: Encore of Oakley was designed to be attractive, functional and safe. Breezeways and sidewalks create a connected pedestrian experience with ample parking and accessibility. Customization features were added for individual tenants with no “back of building” look throughout the development. In addition, the area is well lit and welcoming to the community.

Design Outcome: This popular mixed-use destination enhances the larger Oakley Connection development. Its tenants fulfill market needs and community desires while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Tide Cleaners is LEED Gold certified and Condado’s Tacos is the highest-grossing franchise in Ohio.