Butler Tech Natural Science Center New Academic Building

Butler Tech

Design Challenge:

The Natural Science Center (NSC) Campus has been a working farm for over 75 years with several existing barn and agricultural buildings. For the past decade, classroom facilities have been housed within two double-wide trailers. Although this space supported the existing horse barn, riding area and animal pen/classroom building, Butler Tech needed a new state-of-the art classroom and laboratory building that would support the curriculum programs on-site and also blend with the farm aesthetic. With recent development on other campuses, it was time to update the physical facilities and overall experience.

Design Solution:

The new academic building was designed with extensive indoor common space for collaboration between different programs: vet science, equine science and landscape design. It includes a full science lab, renewable energy lab, and dedicated classroom space to support the daily curriculum. It harnesses extensive natural light and has large garage doors to allow the free movement of animals and equipment between the interior and exterior.

Design Outcome:

Upon completion, the building and campus will be a regional draw for students interested in the agricultural and animal sciences field. The building functions as a “machine for learning” allowing students to utilize multiple spaces for multiple functions: large group, small group or individual study.