Boch Hollow Hiking Trail and Pedestrian Bridge

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Design Challenge: Challenges included a requirement for two school buses to use the parking lot simultaneously with easy access in and out of the site that included 20
parking spaces, working with a steep grade and limited area for the parking lot, and providing an accessible route to the bridge to view the waterfall and span the creek
without interfering with the water.

Design Solution: The final solution included two bus parking spaces, providing safety for children exiting and entering the buses and the required 20 parking spaces. The steep grade was minimized by adding a retaining wall with railing adjacent to the nature trail sidewalk. An 80’ wood bridge was built to span the creek without impacting water flowand provide an access route to the bridge for viewing the waterfall. Wood steps were placed at the end of the bridge leading to a path and steps that connect to the existing nature trail. The solution allows more people the opportunity to see the preserve without having to travel a further distance from the existing entry points. eWitlimiWith limited entry points and parking to the Preserve, adding bus parking, 20 vehicular parking spaces and access over the creek will provide more people the opportunity to see the Preserve without having to traverse a further distance from the existing entry points.