An Architecture Matters Panel Discussion with Emily Lubbers

This photo of Emily Lubbers is meant to provide a face to the name. Emily is one of the amazing Women participating in this panel.

On November 15th, MSP’s architect, Emily Lubbers, will be a panelist discussing the topic of women’s representation in the architecture industry. With an impressive 11-year career, Emily has been an important part of MSP for nearly 8 years, during which she obtained her Interior Design license, worked with many different clients, and even welcomed the joyous addition of twin girls into her life.

Emily stands as a powerful representative of the female workforce at MSP. Emily represents the significance of advocating for oneself and challenging gender diversity in the workplace. Her commitment to breaking barriers has not gone unnoticed, and MSP supports Emily on a daily basis. In the interview, Emily expressed her experience stating, “I’m the first woman in the firm in 25 years to have a child, and my company has bent over backward to help me.” This reflects MSP’s objective which has always been to strike a balance between accommodating their needs and creating an environment and culture where MSP can thrive.

The Architecture Panel, organized with the goal of benefiting women in the AEC industry, aims to inspire and empower the next generation. As per AIA’s statistics, although women constitute 50% of architecture students in America, only 23% go on to become registered architects. This large gap highlights the challenges women face in pursuing a career in architecture and the barriers along the way. The panel seeks to address these challenges by featuring architects with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Promoting a discussion on the importance of women’s representation and the initiatives being taken to overcome barriers.

MSP encourages all those interested in this important conversation to register for the panel. By doing so, you not only support Emily but also join a community. A community dedicated to understanding and learning from the experiences and paths of amazing women in the field.

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