Liberty Way Shared-Use Path Study

Liberty Township

Design Challenge: The Overall goal was to determine the most viable way to connect pedestrians from Liberty Center to the future commercial areas on the east side of the highway and Voice of America Park utilizing the I-75 overpass. Enhancing the Liberty Way identity by including additional township identification features and off-ramp landscaping was an additional goal of the study.

Design Solution: MSP and LJB collaborated to conduct a site analysis routing study to determine the best way to expand the Liberty Way overpass to accommodate pedestrians and connect them from Liberty Center to Voice of America Park and other future commercial areas. Meetings were conducted throughout the study process to obtain feedback from the Township officials and ODOT representatives. MSP and LJB worked together to determine the best route and identify available funding sources/grants.

Design Outcome: A feasibility study that determined the most viable and feasible route, a cost estimate, and recommendations for implementation and funding/grant sources.