PITT Ohio Cleveland Terminal Wins Three Awards

13 NAIOP McGill Industrial Architecture

On November 10, the NAIOP Northern Ohio Chapter announced that the PITT OHIO Cleveland Terminal project won three awards at its annual Awards of Excellence event.

  • Architectural Design of the Year (MSP Design)
  • Industrial Construction Project of the Year (Rycon Construction, Inc.)
  • Innovation Project of the Year (Rycon Construction, Inc.)

We are honored to be recognized for our role on the project and continue to work with PITT OHIO on additional projects.

Read below for additional information about this state-of-the-art project.


The LEED Gold PITT OHIO Cleveland Terminal transforms the traditional trucking facility. The multi-building facility is both functional and visually engaging while maintaining an emphasis on sustainability. Interior spaces are accented with natural light and simple, yet effective materials. Outdoor space was created to offer employees a break from the tasks of the day. The PITT OHIO brand was carefully conceived and implemented throughout the project resulting in a new way of doing business.


PITT OHIO is a leader in transportation and logistics services. One of its core values is its strong commitment to sustainability focusing on the three Ps: people, planet and purpose. With that in mind, their goal with their new Cleveland area facility was to reduce the environmental impact in every aspect.

Environmental Efficiency and Design Creativity

The new PITT OHIO Cleveland Terminal is a LEED Gold certified office, terminal, warehouse and maintenance shop. It is situated on approximately 23.5 acres of former industrial land. The building site is oriented to take advantage of maximum daylight capacities. Landscape considerations included drought-resistant native plants to conserve water and bioswales to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. We designed detention ponds to hold water while slowly draining to another location to prevent flooding. The site even includes an EV charging station for electric vehicles.

The project utilized locally sourced materials and recycled content to construct all the buildings. The exterior and interior aesthetic use simple materials such as brick veneer, concrete floors and metal panels. This maximizes durability and provides ease of maintenance. Vibrant colors were chosen for the metal panels to reflect the PITT OHIO brand. It makes a bold and unique statement within the existing industrial landscape.


Four separate buildings on site house the unique and varied functions of the site operations. A 20,000 square foot, a two-story office offers an open floor plan and multiple areas for large and small group interaction. Additionally, the office provides space for a driver’s lounge and check in, lockers rooms and kitchenette. Sustainability elements included 371 LED lights, geothermal HVAC, centralized security system, low flow faucets, and state-of-the-art Microgrid. Recycled material content was used for office furnishings including seating, tables, office chairs, work stations/cubicles, lounge seating, shelving and storage, and height adjustable tables.

The 48,000 square foot primary terminal has 101 dock doors with an additional 32 doors within a 28,000 square foot high-hazard warehouse space. It uses 195 LED lights, natural light panels to allow natural daytime light, white colored roof, solar charged security fence, and LED camera security.

A 15,000 square foot maintenance shop offers five large maintenance bays for truck repairs, radiant floor heat and 62 LED lights and also offers additional support space.  Lastly, a picnic pavilion was added adjacent to the main office area to allow for company cook-outs and community events.

Solar and Wind Energy

The facility boasts both solar energy (over 1,500 solar panels) and wind energy generation through a 495-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic system and eight vertical wind turbines that add 48 kW to the system. The micro-grid houses 730 kilowatt hours of energy storage. The innovative system enables the trucking company to participate in net-metering programs, while also providing backup energy during grid disturbances. Additionally, the facility has two geothermal wellfields serving the office and maintenance shop.

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