Madisen Kleinmann Headshot


Madisen Kleinmann,
Project Designer

In her role as an Architectural Designer, Madisen plays a pivotal role in supporting the architecture team, where she engages in close collaboration with the design team. Her responsibilities encompass aiding in the preparation of project documentation and offering assistance throughout the project production phase. Her passion for architecture stems from its unique fusion of mathematics, science, and art, allowing her to contribute meaningfully to both her community and the economy. Madisen joined us shortly after receiving her bachelors degree of science in architecture at the University of Cincinnati!

Outside of work Madisen likes to work on her art through her preferred mediums of charcoal drawings and paintings. Beyond her creative pursuits, Madisen harbors a profound passion for contributing to the fight against homelessness. She believes everyone deserves to have a safe home they can always return to.

Fun Fact:
Madisen was one of the winners of the 2017 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art, Writing, and Multimedia contest. She received the 10th grade Art Winner position from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission with a painting she made!