Ben W


Ben Wing, PS
CADD Technician/Field Crew Chief

Ben's tenure at MSP dates back to 2005 when he initially joined as a field crew member in the surveying department. Over time, he progressed to the role of CADD technician and field crew chief.

Ben recently earned a bachelor's degree in land survey from Cincinnati State and also holds an bachelor degree in industrial engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He is a member and and 2023 president of the Cincinnati chapter of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio and is working toward becoming licensed as a Professional Surveyor. In his free time he enjoys playing softball, exercising, reading comics, fixing things around the house, and chasing his daughter around in circles.

In his free time, he enjoys playing softball, exercising, reading comics, and fixing things around the house.

Fun Fact:
Ben convinced his wife to have a baby instead of a dog; they now have a lovely daughter. Ben has played on the same softball team for 10 years.