Anneke H


Anneke Hoskins,
Drafting Technician/Intern

As a drafting technician/intern in MSP's Architecture Department, Anneke provides drafting support for a wide array of architecture projects. She specializes in preservation projects, with experience documenting and designing within historic structures both professionally and academically. Her experience in drafting software including Revit and AutoCAD has helped her document buildings for the National Register for Historic Places as well as typical construction documentation work. She considers having the opportunity to work on interior exhibit renovations in the National Museum of American History for the Smithsonian to be the most exciting project she has worked on.

Anneke earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a certificate in Historic Preservation at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and is currently completing a Master of Architecture degree at UC. At UC she is active in historic renovation design research projects and is currently working on a preservation reuse design for her thesis with the City of Cincinnati’s Port Authority. Upon graduation in Spring 2024, she will join MSP as a full-time employee.

Anneke enjoys reading, drawing, games, and spending time with her friends.

Fun Fact:
Anneke regularly works backstage with local community theatres for musicals.