Kathlene Kidwell Joins MSP as Senior Interior Designer

Kat kidwell lo res

We are thrilled to introduce Kathlene Kidwell, NCIDQ, as our senior interior designer and the head of our interior design department. With her extensive experience and expertise in the field, Kathlene brings a unique perspective to every project, embracing the design challenges that arise and celebrating their individuality.

In her 20+ years of experience, one project that stands out in her career is a hospital in India. Most of the population spoke a language they couldn’t read, making wayfinding in emergencies difficult. Kathlene relished the opportunity to devise creative solutions that enabled people to navigate the hospital effectively, regardless of language barriers.

Kathlene has been actively practicing interior design since 2000. Her educational background includes an associate’s degree in interior design from Virginia Marti and a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the University of Cincinnati.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kathlene enjoys hiking, golfing, baking, snorkeling, riding motorcycles, gardening, and traveling. She also appreciates spending time with her husband and three cats.