Ximena Mellado Cuevas Becomes a US Citizen

Ximena Mellado Cuevas

We are proud to announce that Ximena Mellado Cuevas, drafting technician for MSP’s Architecture Department, is a now US citizen!

The long process included residing in the US, applying for citizenship, interviewing, and passing a written and oral exam. On April 2, Ximena was one of 300 petitioners from 107 different countries to take the Oath of Allegiance in an outdoor, COVID-19 compliant naturalization ceremony at the Starlight Drive-In in Amelia, Ohio.

A native of Mexico, Ximena has lived in the US since she was 11 years old. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Architecture degrees at Ball State University. After a brief stint working in residential architecture, Ximena joined MSP Design in February of 2020. Although she contributes to many architectural projects, she’s been heavily involved with the Butler Tech Natural Science Center and Ken Anderson Alliance Master Plan.