Gateway and Campus Green Renovation

Ohio University

MSP’s landscape architects, civil engineers, and surveyors worked closely with Ohio University’s facilities group in the development of a design strategy to upgrade the historic Class Gateway plaza and a major pedestrian corridor through the core of the campus green. The Class Gateway and associated walkways are iconic spaces that students and alumni identify with as they experience the campus.

MSP provided master planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and surveying services for several small projects within the campus green. MSP was able to prepare drawings and specifications to meet the projects deadlines and budgets. During the implementation phase, close attention was paid to minimizing impact to campus circulation patterns as well as adjusting schedules to avoid key campus events.

The design intent included upgrading the deterioration of architectural components and introducing current accessibility standards while maintaining the historic quality of the spaces. The design process included multiple input sessions with stakeholders. In addition 3D modeling was utilized to help communicate the design intent to all stakeholders.