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Academy of World Languages

The Academy of World Languages is a new 3-story, 85,400 SF building for 650 pre-K through 8th-grade students. MSP provided architectural design, interiors, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and surveying services for this $15,000,000 project.

Challenges on the project included a tight budget and difficult program of requirements, as well as representing the various cultures of the languages the school teaches (Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic)

MSP developed a design that maximized the available building area on the site. Using architectural precast for the exterior wall system and precast concrete on the interior bearing walls helped to minimize building time and save interior space. To represent the various cultures of the languages being taught, MSP designed a building that allowed the school to create “Language Family Pods” that would enclose a group of classes from kindergarten to 3rd grade, while aesthetically reflecting the various cultures.

Project Details

Cincinnati, Ohio

85,400 SF