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Cincinnati Scholar House

Working closely with the developer and the City of Cincinnati, MSP created a design that met the City’s form-based code and complimented the historic aesthetic of the neighborhood without compromising the Owner’s goals and vision for the building. The 4-story, 63,300 SF mixed-use building sits on a one-acre site in an urban environment.

The Cincinnati Scholar House is an outreach program consisting of three stories of residential units above with a five-classroom daycare on the first floor to service the residents along with retail and an art gallery. The complex site design includes a pedestrian plaza, community garden, playground, and outdoor gathering area.


Project Details

Walnut Hills, Ohio

Building: 63,300 SF
Retail & Daycare: 1st Floor
Residential Apts.: 2nd-4th Floors
Site: 1 Acre

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)
HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) – Per HUD Requirements

The Cincinnati Scholar House