Project Civil Engineer/Manager

Purpose of Position:

This is an experienced position involved in non-routine and complex assignments. The Project Engineer / Manager is to develop land development civil engineering design concepts, which are incorporated in the final product by Staff Technicians.

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall supervision of assigned projects, to assure the project conforms to the contractual agreement the firm has made with the client, and that the project is completed within the allocated period of time within the assigned budget.

The Project Engineer/Manager may assume the role of both Project Engineer and Project Manager for selected projects.

Reports to:

Vice President, Land Development

Primary Job Duties

The following duties are typical for the position but are not all-encompassing:

  • Undertakes, where appropriate, and assists in business development.
  • Participates in selected organizations that are in the best interest of the company.
  • Participates in preparation of contractual agreements and understands the requirement of the contract with client.
  • Analyzes reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, tests and aerial photographs regarding soil composition, terrain, hydrological characteristics and other topographical and geologic data to plan and design project.
  • Provides and develops schematic design information.
  • Responsible for written work submitted to client.
  • Incorporates design concepts from schematic design development and work with project team to produce construction documents.
  • Coordinates work with other design professionals.
  • Prepares, assigns, schedules and monitors project budget, schedule and scope of work.
  • Coordinates staff activities to assure achievement of project budget, schedule and quality goals.
  • Produces drawings and sketches to be incorporated in drawings by drafters.
  • Directs technicians to convert designs to working drawings.
  • Selects details to be used for the project and edit specification sections.
  • Acts as liaison with reviewing agencies.
  • Maintains contact with client during the project and after completion.
  • Makes calculations using engineering formulas and skills for design.
  • Uses computer programs and spreadsheets for engineering analysis and presentations.
  • Available to respond to questions and to provide daily guidance to the project team.
  • Recognizes problems quickly, seek advice from group leaders and develop solutions.
  • Provides value engineering.
  • Responsible for the accuracy and quality of plans.
  • Assures that drawings and designs conform to company production and design standards.
  • Develops technical competence of project team members.
  • Attends construction meetings and produces site observation reports.
  • Prepares and reviews invoices.
  • Assists in collection of past due accounts receivable.

Standards of Performance:

Standards of performance include meeting profitable objectives for individual projects, meeting or exceeding project production schedules and active participation in the development of new business.


Limits of Authority:

Has authority to perform complex design duties as the Engineer of Record.  May not change the scope of work or deviate from any part of the contractual document without officer of the company and client approval. Within the project team, has the responsibility to assign work, to establish schedules, to instruct team members and to critique their efforts.


Relationship to Others:

As Project Engineer, works directly with various Project Managers according to the assignment. Works under minimal supervision. May perform as project leader. Ability to communicate with project construction team to minimize misunderstanding and conflicts.

As Project Manager, must maintain a satisfactory client relationship and must be able to relate to clients in a mature, thoughtful and professional manner. Assists in the development of technical skills of subordinates. Promotes interdepartmental communications and cooperation.


Knowledge and Experience Required:

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering, professional engineering registration with the State of Ohio and a minimum of 12 years of experience in land development engineering.

  • Must understand local, state and federal codes and regulations.
  • Must have the ability to utilize computer systems as a tool to effectively design and manage projects.
  • Must be capable of managing multiple projects and multiple project teams.
  • Must have developed skills in communication, leadership, planning teamwork, decision making, judgement and project solving.


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